EHAC-National Environmental Health Science and Protection Accreditation Council

Introduction to the Process

Important Dates for Accreditation Application and Review

Please refer to the Calendar for specific deadlines and other important dates.

Requirements for Receiving Accreditation

In order to receive accreditation from EHAC, a Program must comply with the requirements outlined in the Undergraduate and/or Graduate Guidelines, and have graduated one or more classes of environmental health students. Programs are encouraged to work with the Association of Environmental Health Academic Programs (AEHAP), EHAC’s sister organization who will assign a mentor to assist with the accreditation process. The mentor will help determine if all requirements are met prior to submittal of an accreditation application. The mentor can advise you on self-study reports, EHAC Guidelines and other documents and partnerships that may need to be developed. Please contact the EHAC/AEHAP Office to begin the process.

Application for Initial Accreditation

Application Due Date is October 1: Please contact the EHAC office for an accreditation application at or call 206-522-5272. New programs interested in seeking accreditation must submit the application check in the amount of $500. We are unable to accept credit card payments.

The following process must be followed for an institution interested in seeking initial accreditation. EHAC will consider the accreditation of a program following an annual schedule upon:

  • Request from a Program Administrator,
  • Submittal of the Program Evaluation Report (Self-Study) with supporting materials, and
  • Receipt of Application and Payment. After these requirements have been completed, a site visit team selected by the Council will conduct a site visit at the institution. The Council will evaluate the application materials and site visit report at its Annual Council Meeting.

Please note that the application will be considered if and only if:
  • The institution is accredited by a regional accrediting association for institutions of higher learning; and
  • The program has graduate one or more classes under the curriculum being evaluated for accreditation.

Checklist for Programs Applying for Initial Accreditation

Program Evaluation Report (Self Study)

The Self-study shall be completed and submitted by December 1 before the annual meeting in which Council is expected to review accreditation application or renewal. The date for submission will be provided on the EHAC Calendar and in the letter sent to the program reminding them of the reaccreditation process or accreditation process as appropriate.


EHAC encourages programs to house the self-study on their university web sites and allow access to this location by EHAC office and Council. If the program cannot do so, then the program shall submit the self-study electronically.


Programs shall send the link to their Self Study to the EHAC office at, the EHAC General Chair, and appropriate Undergraduate and/or Graduate Chair by the date due.



The EHAC staff will notify the Council that the self study link is available and provide access the login portion of the EHAC website.


For questions about the guidelines or Self-Study submission, please contact the EHAC Office, or the Undergraduate or Graduate Chair for more information.


For a copy of the current guidelines, please visit: Undergraduate Guidelines or Graduate Guidelines.


Self-Study Reports are due no later than December 1 prior to the Annual Meeting. Outcomes Assessment results are due for programs seeking Re-Accreditation. Please see the Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

Outcomes Assessment

For programs seeking re-accreditation, those programs must submit Outcomes Assessment data. The results of the Outcome Assessment must be submitted along with the Program Evaluation Report (Self-Study) no later than six months prior to the Annual Meeting.

Outcome Assessments will not be used in any accreditation decisions. Please contact the EHAC Office or the Undergraduate or Graduate Chair for more information on the Outcome Assessment surveys.

Site Visits

Upon submission of the Program Evaluation Report (Self-Study), the Undergraduate or Graduate Chair of the Council schedules a site visit to the Institution requesting accreditation. Site visit teams are announced in mid-January, and are scheduled to visit the school during mutually convenient times in February and March. Site visit costs are the responsibility of the applicant Institution. Occasionally, EHAC sends site-visitors in training to visit programs and learn about performing site visits. In this case, the cost of the Site Visitor-In Training is the responsibility of EHAC.

After the site visit, the schedule for submission of reports and other materials is as follows:

  • Two weeks after the site visit – Site Visitor Evaluation forms due to the office.

  • Four weeks after the site visit is completed, the draft Site Visit Team Report is due to be submitted to the Program Administrator for comment. This is the responsibility of the Site Visit Team Coordinator.
  • Two weeks after the receipt of the Site Visit Team Report, the Program Administrator must review the report and suggest appropriate corrections of fact. The report must then be returned to the Site Visit Team Coordinator.
  • Two weeks after the receipt of suggestions and corrections, the Site Visit Team Coordinator must address those corrections/suggestions and the document must be distributed to the Council, Site Visit Team, Program Administrator and EHAC Office.

At the Annual Meeting

The Program Administrator’s presence is requested at the Annual Meeting to respond to the written Site Visit Report and answer questions regarding the program.

At the Annual Council Meeting, the Site Visit Team summarizes their report. Then, the Program Administrator has the opportunity to provide a twenty-minute, verbal response to the written site visit report. The Program Administrators may also provide a written response to all Council Members before the Annual Council Meeting begins or at the start of their comment time.

After his/her verbal response, the Program Administrator responds to programmatic questions from other members of the Council.

The Council then enters a private, closed door discussion and votes on accreditation. Program Administrators are notified promptly of the results of the vote. The Council can decide to grant full or conditional accreditation, which are outlined in the guidelines.

Important Dates and Deadlines

July 15: Accreditation Cycle Begins.

August 15: Re-Accreditation Notification.
Programs scheduled to seek re-accreditation are notified by Undergraduate or Graduate Chair no later than August 15 of important dates.

October 1: Application for Initial Application Due
Programs interested in seeking first-time accreditation need to submit their application and payment no later than Oct. 1.

December 1 Prior to Annual Meeting: Deadline for Self-Studies and Outcomes Assessment.
Self-Study Reports are due no later than December 1 prior to the Annual Meeting. Outcomes Assessment results are due for programs seeking Re-Accreditation. Please see the Calendar for specific dates and deadlines.

January: Site Visitor Teams Announced.

February and March: Site Visits Occur

April: Final Site Visit Reports Due

June: Annual Meeting.

The Annual Meeting is typically held in conjunction with the NEHA-AEC. Please see Calendar for specific dates.